Benjamin Klum

I'm Benjamin Klum

Software developer and architect

Hello! I'm Benjamin Klum.

Senior software developer specializing in back-end development. Over 13 years of experience in enterprise application engineering. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including Java, Rust, Kotlin, TypeScript and SQL.

Advanced application architect with strong background in specification, communication and documentation. Successfully employing state-of-the-art software modeling approaches such as domain-driven design. Familiar with requirements engineering.

Passionate music software developer with Rust and C++ skills. My major projects are ReaLearn, reaper-rs and Playtime.


Java, Rust, TypeScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, UML 2, BPMN 2, Kotlin, Dart, Scala, Shell, Python, C++ 11, XSL-FO
gRPC, Protocol Buffers
Architecture and code quality
arc42, Domain-Driven Design, Clean Architecture, Object-Oriented Design, GoF Design Patterns, REST, Microservices, GRASP Patterns, Clippy, FindBugs, PMD, Checkstyle
Web frameworks and APIs
JAX-RS, Jersey, Spring MVC REST, Servlets, Firebase (Firestore, Auth, Hosting, Functions), JAX-WS, CXF, WebSocket++, Node.js, PayPal IPN, Amazon AWS SES
Test frameworks and libraries
JUnit, Mockito, TestNG, JMockit
Other frameworks and libraries
Spring Boot 2, Spring Cloud, OSGi Core, JPA, Hibernate, Liquibase, Spring Data, Keycloak, Camunda, Activiti, Jackson, Spring Core, Spring Security, EJB 3.1, EclipseLink, AspectJ, C++ Boost, Quartz, Rhino, Bean Validation, JNI, CDI, Guice
Development tools
Git, IntelliJ IDEA, CLion, WebStorm, Android Studio, JMeter, SVN, Rational Synergy, Visual Studio for C++, PyCharm, Eclipse, VisualVM, SoapUI
Build management tools
Maven, npm, CMake, Gradle, Ant, Jenkins
Database management systems
Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HSQLDB, SQLite
DevOps tools
Docker, Ansible, Rancher 1, Tomcat, Nginx, Jetty, JBoss
Loggind, metrics and tracing
Logback, SLF4J, Brave, Jaeger, Log4j, Splunk, Kibana, Metrics, Graphite, Grafana, Zipkin
Caching and messaging
Memcached, Ehcache, RabbitMQ, AMQP, JMS, ActiveMQ
Software development processes and frameworks
Audio editing and development
REAPER, REAPER SDK, Steinberg VST SDK, reaper-rs, Cubase, Nuendo, IPlug Framework
Big data and ETL tools
Spark, Talend
Frontend frameworks and libraries
Flutter, React, Material UI, Redux, Redux Observable, Reselect, egui, Swing, jQuery, Wicket
Requirements engineering
Use Cases, User Stories, Requirement Templates, BDD, Gherkin
Diagramming tools
Enterprise Architect, PlantUML, yEd, Visual Paradigm for UML, Enterprise Architect SDK
Ubuntu, Debian, ArchLinux, Windows, macOS, Confluence, Swagger, GitHub, Bitbucket, JIRA, Microsoft Office

Work Experience

2017 - now

8 assignments, 3 companies


Software development and software architecture consulting with focus on back-end

2014 - 2017

Avantgarde Labs GmbH

Back-end developer and application architect

In my largest assignment, I worked as application architect on an E-Commerce project, specifying and estimating the integration of new features as well as conceiving and documenting a Microservice-based target architecture. I interacted on a daily basis with requirements engineers and developers.

In addition, I worked as part of a development team on a handful of data-intensive projects using Scala, Java, graph databases and some of the more recent functional reactive technologies such as Akka and RxJava. Occasionally I was responsible for developing prototypes employing ETL tools, big data and search technology.

2014 - now

Benjamin Klum, Helgoboss Projects

Music software developer and vendor

I conceive, design, develop and publish plug-ins for professional DAW software, targeted at performers and producers of electronic music. The main technologies I use for this purpose are Rust, Flutter and the REAPER SDK.

Additionally, I publish general-purpose open source libraries from time to time.

The results of my work are presented on my project website

2008 - 2014

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Full-stack developer and application architect

In 10 mid- to large-sized projects I was responsible for design, implementation and maintainance of enterprise-scale data-intensive Java web applications, contributing to both back and front ends.

Over time I was more and more entrusted with architectural responsibility, requirements engineering tasks, effort estimates, direct contact to clients and technical lead positions. The projects covered a wide range of sectors including Telecommunications, Media, Health, Public, Logistics, Marketing and Transport.

2007 - 2008

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Working student

I worked for the load testing department and my task was to develop a Java web application for management and analysis of load testing results.



Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering



Certified ScrumMaster



Oracle Unified Business Process Management Suite 11g Certified Implementation Specialist



Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 6 Programmer


2002 - 2008

Diploma in Informatics

Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Specialization: Programming, software engineering and compiler construction


  • Mr. Klum has comprehensive and diverse professional expertise, which he has put into practice confidently and masterfully at all times. [...] He always accomplished all tasks completely autonomously, highly thoroughly and systematically well thought-out. [...] He was very much appreciated by his colleagues because of his friendly and balanced nature and was always helpful and accomodating.

    T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

My Interests

Besides creating software, my main interest is composing and performing music. I have been playing the piano since my early childhood and had the privilege of enjoying a classical piano education for over 13 years. I won prices in multiple national piano competitions and played the keyboards in several bands as high school and university student.

In the last few years, I regularly performed live on the piano accompanying silent films with own compositions and improvisation. In 2015 I recorded the piano solo album "Shadow Paintings" with own compositions and compositions of guitar teacher Adam Lawson. It is available on here on Bandcamp. My current project is Mao Jiao

  • Bicycling
  • Watching Movies
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Playing Piano

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